BMS Home Whitening

BMS home whitening gel is a ready-for-use tooth whitening gel for discolored vital and non-vital teeth, for the use in customized trays, available in different concentrations. The number of applications can be adjusted to the patient’s needs. Thanks to the specific composition, BMS home whitening combines a gentle whitening with optimal results. Formulated to prevent sensitivity and dehydration of the teeth. First use in the dental clinic and then given to patient for home use. For patients older than 18 years of age.

BMS home whitening contains:
• 4 Syringes BMS HOME WHITENING Gel 3 ml
• 2 Bleaching foils (Tray sheets for production of customized
whitening trays)
• Tray box
• Instruction for use.
Available concentrations:
• 10 % Carbamide Peroxide (~ 3,5 % Hydrogen Peroxide) for
overnight application
• 16 % Carbamide Peroxide (~ 5,6 % Hydrogen Peroxide) for
overnight or daytime application
BMS home whitening can also be used as follow-up treatment for BMS WHITE 38%.

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