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Infection control is the discipline concerned with preventing healthcare- associated infections, focusing predominantly on mitigation and reduction of risk of a potential outbreak within the medical and dental environments. Environmental hygiene is the main duty for the effectiveness of infection control. Sterilization techniques and disinfectants are the most effective tools in limiting transmission of pathogens through the surrounding environment. Dental and medical clinics must have the necessary equipment to implement the standard precautions both for staff and for patients, continually exposed to a wide range of pathogenic micro-organisms, specifically: bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is vitally important to ensure a complete infection control range to minimise this ever-present threat. The most significant precautions start from hand, instruments, devices and surfaces hygiene. It is equally as crucial that the products are efficacious against a broad spectrum of pathogens, tested to the latest microbiological standards.


Sterilization Control tests

Water treatment


Electric water distiller

Ideal to purify water for all steam sterilizers


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